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RSI strives to support our war fighter's safety and ability by delivering quality product.

Founded in 1973, RSI is located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  Our 24,000 square foot main plant, 3,450 square foot office annex, and 4,212 square foot storage annex facilities are located on a 60 acre industrial campus which is capable and scalable to meet a significant influx of contracts to manufacture highly reliable military electronic spare assemblies.


RSI engineers, manufactures, and tests military electronic components and assemblies. RSI has performed as prime contractor on over 4,900 U.S. military contracts and provides superior quality and cost savings through innovation and rapid in-house development. Guided by over 50 years of DOD electronic contract leadership, RSI can rapidly and economically prototype and manufacture a diverse set of electronic components and assemblies.


RSI is certified as a small business.  The accounting system is routinely audited by DLA, DCMA and DCAA and is deemed acceptable for establishing pricing rates for negotiated contracts, claims, and progress payments.   The company is familiar with federal acquisition regulations and the requirements for standard representations, certifications, and qualifications. RSI is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.  RSI is NIST SP 800-171 compliant.


RSI has a proven history as a DOD manufacturer of military electronic spare assemblies for systems previously designed and produced by major defense contractors. Manufacturing products include “build to print” spares and “build to specification” systems. Numerous engineering, manufacturing, quality, and test systems have been implemented to manufacture these assemblies. Supporting capabilities include approved quality system, CAD artwork generation, reverse engineering, redesign engineering, test procedure development, electronic testing, reliability testing, and environmental stress testing.  Products manufactured include assemblies to repair and maintain short and long-range radar, gun and missile fire control radar, submarine sonar, fathometers and signal data processors, tactical communication radios, and Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) transponder sets.

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