Legacy systems used by the Department of Defense are becoming unsupportable due to the age of the equipment, decreasing availability of components / modules / assemblies, unsupportable technologies and availability of historical maintenance / supply data; however, many of these legacy systems are scheduled to remain in service for the next 50 years.

A support strategy relying on Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware / Open Architecture is being developed to address the long term supportability of these assets.


Our Objectives: 


  • Address Problems While Decreasing Life Cycle Support Costs

  • Reduce Maintenance Cost

  • Improve Systems Availability

  • Eliminate Obsolescence

  • Improve Utility

  • Increase Immediate Performance

  • Provide Capability For Future Growth

  • Provide Solutions For Obsolete Test Stations

Teradyne Spectrum 9100 ATE Test Station


CAGE 59475

10684 43rd Avenue

Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Tel: 715-723-9313

Fax: 715-723-1259

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