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AN/SPS-49 Unit 2 Transmitter, Antenna Control Unit

Legacy products include assemblies to repair and maintain gun and missile fire control radar, submarine sonar, fathometers, signal data processors, tactical communication radios, and identification friend or foe (IFF) radar sets. 


RSI expertise is in short run, fast turnaround manufacturing and testing of high reliability electronic assemblies.

►ISO 9001:2015 Certified

► 24,000 sq ft facility

► Special processes: soldering, painting, conformal
coating, encapsulating and potting, brazing,
Government packaging

► RSI’s strength is in manufacturing and test
engineering; circuit card assemblies, electronic
chassis, SRU, LRU and Systems are manufactured to
customer specifications

► RSI personnel trained and qualified under IPC and
MIL-STD specifications


AN/DSM-162 Missile Test Set (Sparrow Missile)

Some Examples Include: 

•Navy Radar Systems

•Missile Fire Control Radar

•Submarine Sonar

•Tactical Communications Radios

•Flight Line Test Sets

•Identify Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponders

•AAQ-15/17 FLIR System

•ALQ-119A Jamming

•APQ-122, APG-65 Multimode Radars


•DSM-162 Sea Sparrow Missile Test Set

•F-15 / F-16

•SPS-49 Radar

•SLQ-32 EW




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